Boss DS1X Distortion Pedal

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Boss DS1X Distortion Pedal

Delivering an unmatched level of performance for guitarists with an ear for tone.
Special Edition BOSS Pedal with Premium Tone

Key Points
  • Distortion Pedal
  • Level
  • Low/High
  • Distortion


Boss DS1X Distortion Pedal

Delivering an unmatched level of performance for guitarists with an ear for tone.

Boss DS-1X Distortion

Special Edition BOSS Pedal with Premium Tone

The DS-1X launches the famous BOSS distortion into a modern era of expression, delivering an unmatched level of performance for guitarists with an ear for tone. This next-generation stomp combines over 35 years of innovation in pedal design with the most advanced technologies, bringing you a completely new tonal experience that’s only possible with the legendary expertise of BOSS. Prepare to be amazed—the inspiring and ultra-responsive DS-1X will change your thinking about distortion pedals forever.



  •     Special edition BOSS distortion pedal with next-generation sound, feel, and tonal response
  •     All-new design provides a superior playing experience that’s unattainable with analog distortion pedals
  •     Powerful real-time processing adapts to your playing to provide ideal distortion tones in every register
  •     Enjoy perfect sounds over the entire fretboard, from tight, crisp tones on the low strings to fat, singing tones on the highest notes
  •     High-clarity distortion sound that’s never muddy or boomy, even when playing two or more notes at the same time
  •     Ultra-responsive to volume changes and picking dynamics
  •     Very low noise, even with high-gain settings
  •     Drive, High, and Low knobs offer a wide range of sound shaping not found in typical stompbox pedals
  •     Striking appearance with exclusive chrome knobs and control plate, plus vintage silver knob for battery compartment access
  •     Features BOSS’ innovative Multi-Dimensional Processing (MDP), realized with proprietary technology and custom DSP
  •     BOSS five-year warranty


Plug Into the Future of Distortion

    The DS-1X completely redefines the distortion stomp, kicking it into a new universe of dynamic response and clarity. Powered by BOSS’ MDP technology, this amazing pedal delivers distortion that sounds perfect no matter where you play on the neck, even at the highest gain settings. You’ll enjoy tight response on the low strings and fat, singing tones on the highest notes, plus exceptional definition when playing two or more notes at a time. At every setting, the sound is never muddy or boomy, while the smooth, natural presence ensures that you always cut through without harshness or nasal overtones. With the DS-1X, your distortion tone feels and sounds “dialed in” the instant you turn it on, providing a rich, satisfying playing experience that’s both effortless and inspiring.

Nominal Input Level
    -20 dBu
Input Impedance
    1 M ohm
Nominal Output Level
    -20 dBu
Output Impedance
    1 k ohm
Recommended Load Impedance
    10 k ohms or greater
    Pedal switch
    LEVEL knob
    LOW knob
    HIGH knob
    DIST knob
    CHECK indicator (Serves also as battery check indicator)
    INPUT jack
    OUTPUT jack
    AC adaptor jack (DC 9 V)
Power Supply
    Alkaline battery (9V, 6LR61) or Carbon-zinc battery (9V, 6F22)
    AC adaptor (sold separately)
Current Draw
    45 mA
Expected battery life under continuous use
    Alkaline: Approx. 9 hours
    Carbon: Approx. 2.5 hours

    * These figures will vary depending on the actual conditions of use.
    Owner's Manual
    Leaflet ("USING THE UNIT SAFELY," "IMPORTANT NOTE," and "Information")
    Alkaline battery (9V, 6LR61)
Option (sold separately)
    AC adaptor (PSA series)
Size and Weight
    73 mm
    2-7/8 inches
    129 mm
    5-1/8 inches
    59 mm
    2-3/8 inches
    450 g
    1 lbs.
* 0 dBu = 0.775 Vrms


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