Bridge Lyra 5 String Electric Violin In Green / Black

Bridge Lyra 5 String Electric Violin In Green / Black

Bridge 5 String Electric Violin With Hard Case & Bow
Bridge 5 String Electric Violin With Hard Case & Bow

Key Points
  • Hollow Carbon Fibre
  • Maple Neck & Headstock
  • Ebony Fittings
  • Bridge Pick-Up System

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Bridge Lyra 5 String Electric Violin In Green / Black

Bridge 5 String Electric Violin With Hard Case & Bow

Bridge Lyra 5 String Electric Violin In Red / Black

Tuned to CGDAE the Lyra 5 string offers an extra dimension to upper string players.
For the violinist the extra bottom C string adds the viola register, and for the viola
player the top E string gives more access to the violin’s upper register without
changing position so soon.


- Bodyshell:
Hollow moulded bodyshell, from carbon fibre and kevlar composites,
giving a high strength to weight ratio and stability across temperature
and humidity ranges. The hollow body generates a sound profile within
body structure presenting an open sound without the use of reverb or
delay. Smooth and forgiving when played, but with real strength in the
body shell construction. The hollow body allows low volume practice
without the use of headphones or amps.

- Headstock & Neck:

The neck and headstock are carved from a single maple block. The
headstock design is a modified copy of the 1710 Stradivari Viola da
Gamba head. The neck is hand coloured and finished with oils, for a
fast, smooth, traditional finish. All repairs which become necessary
with time to acoustic orchestral string instruments, can be performed by
luthiers on Bridge instruments (E.g. replacing or shooting fingerboards
(traditional glues have been used), nut re-shaping and peg fitting).

- Fingerboard:
Ebony fingerboard, shaped to professional specifications.


- Pegs: Violins and cellos are fitted with swiss pattern ebony pegs.

- Machine Heads:
Cetus Bass is fitted with brass Tyrolean style engraved brass plate machine heads

- Nut:
Ebony nut.

- Bridge:

The BRIDGE pick up system is encapsulated within the bridge, designed
by BRIDGE, specifically to function with BRIDGE instruments.

- Tailpiece:

Violins and cellos are fitted with lightweight alloy tuner tailpieces
and fine adjusters for accurate tuning. Basses are fitted with an ebony

- Endpin:
Violins use a swiss pattern ebony endpin,
in keeping with the pegs. Cellos use an ebony plug, steel rod with
brass screw and ferrule, and removable rubber protector. Basses use an
ebony plug, notched steel rod with brass screw and ferrule, and
removable rubber protector.


- Bridge Pick-Up System:
The pickup system is designed by Bridge and unique to these
instruments. It uses a piezo crystal configuration giving an accurate
acoustic sound with an even tone. The pickup uses all mechanical
movements of the instrument to generate its acoustic sound.

- Bridge Active Circuitry
Each instrument has its own bespoke electronics, frequency dedicated to
its string configuration and designed to perform in conjunction with
the BRIDGE pick-up system. It's capable of driving effects and radio
packs and puts the string player on equal footing with every other
amplified instrument in the band and has a sophisticated active
circuitry dedicated to the frequency range of the instrument.

- Volume & Tone controls:

The tone control is a tilt control, not a boost/cut control, changing
the tonal range of the instrument with control of performance and
optimum sound profile for any style of music performance.

- Battery:

Violins use a 20mm 3V coin cell battery which keeps the instruments
lightweight and is quick and easy to replace, giving approx 1000 hours
playing time. Cellos and Basses use a 9V battery giving approx 3000
hours playing time.

- Jack Socket:
- Bridge Lyra 5 String Electric Violin endoresees ...
* CHi 2 Strings (Moby, Anastasia, Boy George, Nelly Furtado)
* Eclipse String Quartet
* Quadrafonic Quartet (Oasis, Paul Weller, Massive Attack)
* Siren Quartet (Gnarls Barkley, Simlpy Red, Mika, Geri Halliwell)
* Sigur Ros (Amongst others Radiohead)
* Dragon Strings Electric String Orchestra

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