Chromatic Button Accordions

Chromatic Button Accordion models are where each button produces one note (whether pushing or pulling the bellows) and is the most popular type of button accordion for French music. These accordions have 3 to 5 rows and can be freely played in any key, usually with identical fingering patterns. The other button accordion is Diatonic Button Accordion which is also known as the Melodeon. We also supply Piano Accordions, Roland V-Accordions (including button models) and Concertinas. For the best UK Deal on a Chromatic Button Accordion, call Promenade Music on 01524 410202.

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Hohner Nova III 5 Row, 96 Bass Chromatic Accordion

Hohner Nova III 5 Row, 96 Bass Chromatic Accordion
  • Available in Black or Red
  • Exciting appearance
  • Well-balanced Sound
  • 7.6 Kg
Out of Stock - Call 01524 410202
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