Content Cambiare 312 Hauptwerk Organ With Internal Speakers (UK Spec)

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Content Cambiare 312 Hauptwerk Organ with Internal Speakers (UK Spec)

Powered by Advanced Hauptwerk Software
With Internal Speakers

Key Points
  • Inc William Hill Organ
  • Inc Freiberg Silbermann
  • Inc Laurenskerk Rotterdam
  • Inc Paramount 341


Content Cambiare 312 Hauptwerk Organ with Internal Speakers (UK Spec)

Powered by Advanced Hauptwerk Software

David Wood and Steven Wren from Promenade Music have designed what they consider to be "the most perfect hauptwerk organ for the UK market" with their UK spec Content Cambiare 312 Hauptwerk Organ with Internal Speakers.

Our custom UK spec includes
- 4 full extra organ sets Included (read below)
- 3 manuals (touch sensitive)
- 2 x 7" touchscreens
- 30 note radiating concave pedalboard

It offers UK organists a traditional and compact console – with touchscreens – and a very good built-in audio system. The home organist gets the authentic sound of a wide range of historical church organs, each with its own character, disposition and spatial sound; and "our UK version brings the grandeur of both large and small church organs in to your home" says David. "As well as the large William Hill organ, and the smaller St. Anne Mosely organ which will delight the lover of the English organ tradition; we have also specified the  Rotterdam organ - which is one of the most famous Hauptwerk sample sets - and the Silbermann organ of Freiberg which is perfect for the Baroque repertoire". We also have an extra output for an additional large touch screen and the pre-loaded Paramount 341 (three manuals, forty one ranks) theatre organ set.

What do you get?
- Cambiare 312 in Light Oak or Dark Oak (Other finishes available at extra cost).
- Hauptwerk IV license with 5 free demo sample sets (including the St. Annes Mosely Organ).
- 3 Manuals with TP60 touch sensitive keyboards
- 2 x 7" touchscreen.
- 30 note radiating concave pedalboard
- General piston system
- 38 extra pistons for divisionals (Hill Organ)
- Brass footpiston (up/down)
- LED lighted music desk.
- Upgrade PC2 to PC3 (i7 32GB)
- Sound set of the Laurenskerk Rotterdam organ in Netherlands
- Sound set of the Freiberg Silbermann organ in Germany
- Sound set of the William Hill Organ in England
- Connections for LAN, headphone, Line in (streaming audio) and USB.
- High quality internal audio system.

 This well-designed hauptwerk organ - which is perfect for any living room - offers:
- User friendly control
- Easy switching between sample sets
- Stylish design
- Multifunctional audio system (expandable if required)
- New updates that are easy to implement in the existing console
- The ability to support and install new sample sets via internet connection

More and more customers (and a totally new customer group) are going into the Hauptwerk segment.

Call 01524 410202 for more information.

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