Cornell Plexi 7 MkII Guitar Amp Combo


Handmade in England

Perfect for studio and home use, it is also suitable for playing small venues.

  • 7 Watts
  • 1 x 12" Celestion Speaker
  • Built in attenuator
  • EQ Cut Switch
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Made in Southend-on-sea in Essex, England.

Cornell Plexi 7 mkII (1x 12 combo)


The Cornell Plexi 7 Mk 2 is a fantastic all-valve seven-watt class ‘A’ (single ended) combo amp perfect for studio and home use, it is also suitable for playing small venues.

The EQ cut switch is a bypass for the tone controls, increasing the Gain and Middle response.

It has separate Treble and Bass controls (with Eq in) for tone shaping.

This amp is fitted with a Celestion 60 Watt speaker and is completely hand built in the UK.

The amp has a built in attenuator- with 4 different power settings from 0.025W all the way up to a loud 7 watts the attenuator has very little impact on tone so you can set to the perfect sound from the bedroom to the venue.

This amp produces a classic valve distortion tone making it perfect for any blues or rock player.


Plexi 7 Mk 2 Combo


7 Watt Single ended Class “A” Guitar Amplifier


High Input. EQ Cut switch. Volume. Edge. Treble. Bass. Output. A-B-C-D. Mains On.


ECC83 X 2. EL84 X 1


One with EQ cut


8 Ohms into Celestion 12 inch 8 ohm speaker


H = 17 3/8“ 440mm W = 13 18 3/4“ 475mm D = 9″ 230mm


26.4 Lbs 12 Kg


Components hand solders onto a Board using Target Tags and Eyelets


24 mm Potentiometers


Carbon Composite, Metal Oxide, Virtuous


Orange Drop, Unicorn, Samwha, Suntan


Stainless Steel


Black Tolex with salt and pepper grill. Plywood.