Cornell Romany 12 Reverb Guitar Amp (10W Valve Combo with 1×12″ Jensen speaker)


Handmade in England

Perfect for studio and home use, it is also suitable for playing small venues.

  • 12 Watts
  • 1 x 12" Jensen Speaker
  • Volume, bass, middle, treble
  • Toggle switch for EQ cut
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Romany 12 Reverb

Made in Southend-on-sea in Essex, England.

The Cornell Romany 12 combo amplifier is equipped with a 12″ Jensen speaker and a maximum output of 10 watts, delivering a professional tone that is loud enough not just for studio or home but also suitable for playing small venues. Players can benefit from natural warm and sweet tones, reminiscent of those classic American amps from the late 1950’s.

The Romany 12 is fitted with Reverb tailored on the early amps with enough reverb to obtain that surf tone.

Achieving the perfect tone is easy with the choice of volume, bass, middle, treble, and a Toggle switch for EQ cut. The amp has a built in attenuator with 4 different power settings from 0.025W all the way up to a loud 10 watts the attenuator has very little impact on tone so you can set to the perfect sound from the bedroom to the venue.

Iconic Classic Appearance

In addition to it’s authentic tone it also has the looks to match, featuring classic tweed covering, Oxblood grill and leather handle for portable use. The control panel offers a simple design and completes that classic look with chicken-head control knobs.


10 Watt Single ended Class “A” Guitar Amplifier

High Input. Volume. EQ cut. Treble. Middle. Bass. Reverb. Output. A-B-C-D Mains On

X 2. ECC81 X 1. 6L6 X 1

One Clean with EQ Cut

8 Ohms into Jensen 12 inch 8 ohm speaker

H = 15″ 380mm W = 21″ 533mm D = 8 1/2 ” 216mm

29Lbs 13.2Kg

Components hand solders onto a Board using Target Tags and Eyelets

2 x 4 mm Potentiometers

Carbon Composite, Metal Oxide, Virtuous

Orange Drop, Unicorn, Samwha, Suntan

Stainless Steel

Tweed Treated covering. Oxblood Grill . Leather handle with Solid Brass saddles. Plywood.