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" ‘B.A.S.I.C.’ is a demandingly powerful debut. The synths whirr and scream, jostling with low-rent drum machine patterns and folktronica-style back rhythms. Thomas was insistent that acoustic guitars were used to fill out the machines and give the album a sense of grounding. ’Size 9’ is a spiralling version of this as is the haunting, almost Chemical Brothers homage ‘You Rescue’. But there are moments that recall a childlike love of The Human League’s ‘Travelogue’ era (‘Jump Jet’ or the ‘Interlaken’ single B-side ‘Discothug’ from the same sessions), as well as the endearing value of ‘Cresta La Wave’, which wouldn’t have been out of place if it had rocked up on Dindisc in 1980."


1. Jump Jet
2. 77 Sunset Strip
3. Hyper Hyper
4. Keep It Coming
5. You Rescue
6. Interlaken
7. Arianne
8. Green Raven Blonde
9. Cresta La Wave
10. Size 9
11. V.T.O.L.
12. Complete Control