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Year of the Strat – Celebrating 70 Years of the Stratocaster (1954-2024)

Back in 1954, would Leo Fender have imagined that his new electric guitar design would still be probably the most copied, played and used electric guitar design in the world?

70 years on, it’s still going strong. Over the years, the design has been tweaked and adapted to various trends and multiple new genres, but at it’s core, the Fender Stratocaster is just a brilliant bit of design. It wouldn’t have endured from 1954 to 2024 otherwise.

Celebrating seven decades of timeless tone and iconic style. Each 70th Anniversary Stratocaster model showcases the rich heritage and legendary tones that have made the Strat® an unrivalled icon.

The 70th Anniversary Strat models go across the American Professional II, American Ultra, American Vintage, Vintera (Made in Mexico), Player (Made in Mexico) ranges – with price-points to suit several budgets.

As well as being player-friendly, these are also highly collectable models, as they are being made in limited quantities just for 2024 and in unusual colour/and/or specification combinations.

We have various Fender 70th Anniversary Stratocaster models on order already, check out our stock here.

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