Goodrich L-OP1 OMNI LowPro Volume Pedal (Switched Active or Passive)


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Goodrich Switched Active or Passive Low Profile Volume Pedal

  • Low Profile Model
  • Even Tone Throughout Sweep
  • Ins & Outputs On Both Sides
  • Tuner Out
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Goodrich L-OP1 Omni LowPro is a low profile switchable active and passive volume pedal (switchable by the push of a button).

– For guitar, pedal steel, violin, bass, keys…anything that plugs in!

– Excellent, even tone throughout the sweep, with no loss of power and no noise.

– Aluminum diecast body.

– Parallel inputs and outputs on both sides of its

– Tuner outputs on both sides.

– In active mode, it utilizes signature Goodrich impedance matching circuitry.

– Includes installed battery and 9v DC power supply.

– Pedal resistance adjustment located on the right side.

– Custom engineered, Goodrich 470k potentiometer.

– Weight: 2.3 lbs

– Dimensions: 10.75″ × 3.875″ × 2.125″

A volume pedal created for professional musicians and enthusiasts requiring the best possible performance and flexibility from their gear. The Omni was developed through years of countless combinations of components and values, research and testing. We incorporated the feedback and skills of the best electronics engineers and players and combined that with the quality Goodrich product is known for to dial-in the tone that we agree to be exceptional.


In Active Mode, the input from your instrument goes first through the circuit, and then to the potentiometer, back to the circuit, and then to the output(s) and tuner.
This results in a very even feel to the sound and a clear tone through the full range of the taper.
Omni Active Mode delivers excellent pedal control with no loss of highs or volume.
[9v battery or the DC input (included) when in Active Mode. Minimum of 500 hours battery life.]

In Passive Mode, we decided to stay with the tried and true method of potentiometer and string actuation. Why mess with a good thing!
Our Goodrich 470k potentiometer has a subtle and slight mid-range bump that is part of our classic pot sound.
The Omni Passive Mode has superb feel and sound with minimal high-end loss.
[ Battery is disconnected in Passive Mode. ]

Founded in 1965, Goodrich Sound is a legendary American manufacturer of World-class handmade pedals and electronics for guitarists, pedal steelers and instrumentalists. Goodrich Volume Pedals have been the professional musician’s choice for over 50 years and are used by the best studio and touring players for their rugged durability, incredible control and classic style. They are an intrinsic part of American music history and are the first choice of artists like Bruce Springsteen, Dwight Yoakam as well as professional session musicians including the likes of Dean Parks of Stevie Wonder, Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion and Billy Joel fame. Promenade Music is thrilled to be able to supply UK and European Customers what has become the industry standard volume pedal for guitarists, keyboard players, pedal steelers, string players… and anything you can plug in!

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