Hammond SK Pro 73 Stage Organ Keyboard


73 Note Version

Brand New Hammond Pro Stage Organ

  • Authentic MTW1 Organ Engine
  • Virtual MultiContact System
  • New Gen Digital Leslie
  • Extra Voice Section
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73 PRO


The SK PRO has velocity-sensitive, semi-weighted, Square-front “Waterfall” style keyboards – perfect for organ and synth players, whilst still offering enough resistance and response for piano performances when required. The SK PRO features Hammond's unique Virtual Multi-Contact system to replicate the keyboard performance of a vintage Hammond Organ, allowing the player to experience the distinctive Hammond “feel” in every detail. For even greater versatility, optional Hammond MIDI Pedalboards such as XPK-130G, XPK-200G or XPK-200GL can trigger this Virtual Multi-Contact system for the pedal sound.

Instant Recall Of Your Sounds

The SK PRO sounds can be edited and stored as patches within each of the relevant sections. it's possible to store up to 200 organ settings, 400 piano/ensemble patches and 200 of your own synth sounds.  

You can layer or split these saved patches as desired, mix the PAN & volume of each section, add multiple digital effects & EQ, and assign controllers. Store your complete setups to a Combination patch – you can store up to 200 of these Combination patches in the internal memory.

Furthermore, you can assign combinations in any order to the Favourite buttons on the front panel for instant recall whilst performing.

Organ Section

The SK PRO's organ section offers the iconic Hammond tone – rich and warm for Jazz, Blues, Gospel and everyday comping, but gritty and throaty when you crank up the overdrive and switch to the fast Leslie effect for show-stopping solos. Quite simply, nothing sounds quite like a Hammond – it's got soul and tone.

Three Parts

The organ section has three parts (Upper, Lower, Pedal) can be played on the instrument's own keyboard, or controlled over MIDI using a second keyboard or pedalboard (not supplied). Polyphony for the organ section is 61 notes.

Eight Drawbar Sounds

There is one set of Drawbars with 9 pitches. Eight types of Drawbar voices allow you to replicate the sounds of legendary organs including A-100, B-3, C-3, Mellow, Vx, Farf, Ace, and classical Pipe organ). There are three drawbar pedal voices – normal, muted and pipe. Store up to 100 of your own organ settings (patches) in the internal memory, or choose from the 100 presets which cover some of the most famous Hammond drawbar sounds from previous decades.

Effects & Leslie Control

Standard Hammond organ controls including percussion, vibrato & chorus are all close to hand, and the built-in Leslie simulator has been further improved over previous models to provide an authentic rotary speaker simulation. Additional twin multi-effects, Matching Transformer, Equalizer & Tone Control with an overdrive effect that simulates various configurations and types of amplifiers are provided to enable you to craft your perfect sound.

11-Pin Leslie Output

On the back of the SK PRO you'll find the robust 11-pin Leslie connector which will work with three-channel speakers such as the Leslie 2101mk2, as well as bring compatible with single-channel rotary cabs including the 122XB and 3300 models.

Piano Section

The SK Pro's piano voice section is packed full of high definition keyboard instrument sounds including newly sampled grand pianos, Rhodes & Wurli ep's, clavs, harpsichords & chromatic percussion instruments.

Ensemble Section

The Ensemble section includes strings, synth pads & brass, choirs, wind instruments and guitar sounds. These can be layered with the piano, organ and synth sections to create some really complex sounding textures.

Mono Synth

The SK PRO incorporates a brand-new physical-modelling Synthesizer faithfully reproducing the sounds of classic analog synthesizers. Six (6) different Oscillator configurations are provided, as well as controls for Filter and Amplitude allowing the player to create sounds in real-time just as on a classic analog synth.