KIENLE Compact Pipe Resonator System (various finishes-organ not included)


The Pipe Sound System for your Church, Hall or Home

Available In Various Finishes

  • For up to 200 Capacity
  • 2 Channel System
  • Polished Resonators
  • W50cm x D50cm x H210cm
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KIENLE® Compact Pipe Resonator System (priced per unit)
Digital organ sound system with a modern look for rooms with up to 200 seats or for your music room at home.
Priced in black lacquered (RAL colour 9005) but other RAL finishes available on request (including light oak) at additional cost.

– Available for music rooms, small churches or chapels (capacity up to 200 people
– Stable aluminium
– Sturdy aluminum housing on wheels
– Aluminium pipes
– Built-in amplifier
– Easy connectivity with LINE
– Directly connectable to your organ
– Polished aluminum (active) resonators.
– 2 channel system (1 bass, 1 treble)
– Dimensions: W: 50cm x D: 50cm x H: 210cm

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About  KIENLE®
KIENLE® offer pipe resonator systems for churches, concert halls and living rooms with uncompared sound reproduction
The German organ builder Ewald Kienle (1928-2021) found the solution for the combination of digital organ samples with the resonance of an organ pipe, a solution that has been desired for many years. By using advanced loudspeakers, where each loudspeaker finds 'amplification' in a real organ pipe, true-to-life pipeorgan sounds are generated. With this modern, patented technology the process of sound development in the pipes can be controlled very precisely and reliably. This resonator system is therefore the optimal solution for desired high sound requirements, even under difficult temperature conditions. With a pipe resonator system, in combination with the sampling quality of Content Organs, the real digital pipe organ will not come closer!

Compared to traditionally built pipe organs, the KIENLE organ pipe sound system offers numerous advantages:
– More sonically diverse and more flexible than conventional pipe organs (several organ styles available in one organ console – also available with HAUPTWERK software).
– Significantly lower costs, less material required and significantly less working time for production and assembly.
– Independent on weather conditions; even with short-term fluctuations of temperature and humidity. Fully functional at temperatures from -20° C to + 40° C.
– Maintenance-free (no regular maintenance costs), without fault-prone mechanics and pneumatics.
– Pipes and resonator tubes can be used for several registers. This requires less space, less material and less weight.

Watch the Video About KIENLE® Compact Pipe Resonator System

Kienle® Pipe Resonator Systems are easy adjustable and can be flexibly adapted to the place in which a system have to be placed. The Content installers and voicers ensure the correct installation and voicing according to the room.

A Kienle® System could be in a:
– Church buildings of various sizes
– Concert halls, from small intimate settings to large and prominent locations
– Living rooms
– Edcational Establishments and music studios
– Public buildings

History of KIENLE®
Innovation and Tradition of KIENLE® Orgeln GmbH
– 1959: Ewald Kienle becomes self-employed.
– 1970: Ewald Kienle starts to experiment with resonator (tubes) to replace the usual, unsatisfying loudspeaker sound of digital organs by something better.
– 1980: Kienle installs the first electronic organ with resonators in the large Catholic Church St. Rochus in Bonn-Duisdorf and astounded with a room-filling sound.
– 1990: Ewald Kienle starts research on the additional use of original organ pipes (made of 75 % tin) without a core as resonators (“pipe resonators”).
– 1996: Kienle stops the production of his own organ consoles. From now on he sets the focus mainly on the development and the production of his sound emittance by means of resonators.
– 2010: The largest organ with the KIENLE® Resonator System is installed in the concert hall of the newly built Tbilisi Centre in Tbilisi/Georgia.
– 2011: Ewald Kienle closes down his retail firm due to his age. His life’s work is continued by the newly founded company KIENLE® Orgeln GmbH.
– 2017: Ewald Kienle leaves the KIENLE® Orgeln GmbH to retire. His work is continued by the shareholders and is simultaneously crowned by a new patent covering the resonator sound system (inventor CEO Dr.-Ing. Max Kraus).
– 2021: Ewald Kienle died on February 1st at the age of 92. His special achievement lies in the development of the organ resonator system named after him, also known as "the pipe organ of the 21st century".

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