Korg KR-11 Compact Rhythm Box, Drum Machine (KR11)

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Ideal drum machine for guitarists

If you play guitar, bass, ukulele etc, and want band-like drum patterns to play to, this is a great and easy way to do it.

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Korg KR-11 Compact Rhythm Box

Compact and simple, the Rhythm Box is a fun way to practice and play anywhere, anytime.
The new KR-11 is a compact yet feature-packed rhythm machine, which offers a portable solution to bring variety and fun to your music practice. The KR-11 compact rhythm box brings the rhythm machine legacy into the modern era, pioneered by the legendary Korg Doncamatic in 1963.

Loads of rhythm patterns, matching any genre
Customization: Edit any pattern and save up to 14 extra user patterns
Intuitive and easy control: Just choose your preferred genre, select a pattern, and press the play button
Finger drumming: 16 velocity sensitive pads and plenty of sounds
Optional pedal switch enables control over pattern changes, fill-ins, and start/stop functions at your feet
Headphone/line-out jack is available for external audio output
Newly developed speaker system and Acoustage Bass technology
2-way power supply specification: the KR-11 can be powered using either the AC adaptor or 4 x AA alkaline batteries

Easy-to-use rhythm playback and customization anytime, anywhere
Simply choose your favorite genre to get started! Each genre includes 14 variations for a total of 126 distinct patterns, as well as 14 dedicated slots where users can easily save their own unique patterns, taking your practice sessions to new levels of enjoyment.

KR-11 is battery-powered, lightweight, and compact. The built-in speaker allows for easy on-the-spot playing of a wide variety of rhythmic phrases. In addition to fundamental patterns like 8-beat and 16-beat, the KR-11 features specific styles like ‘’’Blues/R&B,’ and ‘’Country’ tailored for guitarists and ‘Island’ for ukulele. Beside three-beat patterns the KR-11 also features more intricate five- and seven-beat patterns. The swing function adds versatility to each pattern, expanding the range of variations.

The KR-11 also includes a metronome function for fundamental practice, making it an essential tool for a broad spectrum of musicians, including guitarists, bassists, keyboardists, and orchestral players.

Expand your practice and performance options
An optional pedal switch facilitates start/stop, pattern change, and fill-in operations in pattern play mode, allowing you to effortlessly control the KR-11 without using your hands.

In Pad Play mode, the pedal switch allows you to play any drum tone for a more authentic drum-like performance (bass drum and hi-hat are pre-assigned at the factory).

The KR-11 also includes a headphone/line-out jack, providing the option to connect it to a PA, mixer, amp, or other devices, allowing you to play drum phrases through monitor speakers. It is so easy to do small guitar performances when running your KR-11 with a guitar amplifier.

Finger drumming with pad play mode
The 16 pads on the unit are assigned drum sounds such as the bass drum, snare, hi-hat, and cymbals. These pads can be used for a great finger drumming experience! The built-in velocity function responds to the strength of pad strikes, enabling the creation of more realistic drum patterns.

You can also save your pad performances to the user bank, enabling you to play back your favorite patterns at any time.

Compact, battery-powered, and equipped with built-in speakers, the KR-11 makes it effortless to enjoy performances on the street, outdoors, or anywhere else.

Powerful sound from our newly developed speaker system
The newly developed speaker system is compact yet powerful, delivering a wide sound range and natural resonance. Additionally, the Acoustage Bass technology helps reproduce the deep bass sound of bass drums.

*What is Acoustage Bass?
Korg’s original Acoustage sound technology virtually enhances the bass range, allowing for a mellow bass experience – even from small speakers.