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Korg Modwave, Opsix and Wavestate Comparision












In a relatively short period, Korg released 3 new synths in a row – all digital, all with a similar look, the same amount of keys and so on.

They all do something different, but it's not immediately obvious to the untrained eye and ear what those differences are.

Luckily, Korg have done a comparision video, so you can more easily know which one is the most suitable for you.













They say: 

"Have you been wondering what the difference is between the Opsix, Wavestate, and Modwave

We get this question a lot when it comes to our newest digital synth line up! 

Join Product Manager Natalie Chami as she walks us through the similarities between all three synths, and the types of synthesis that sets them all apart. From the sparkly, glass tones of the opsix Altered FM, to the wavestate's samples organically shifting with wave sequencing 2.0, to the modwave's aggressive and deep modulations with wavetables.

Korg's Digital Synth line up will cover your sonic needs."