KLOS Travel GuitarsFull Size Guitars and Ukuleles have a carbon fiber body, fine mahogany necks and are made in the Utah Rocky Mountains in the USA. There’s a great About KLOS video and a video message from Ian and Adam The Founders of KLOS. All Promenade Music’s UK bound guitars and ukuleles also come with the optional extra factory fitted carbon fiber stiffening rods (in the neck), KLOS gig bag and all UK Taxes (import and VAT) and delivery costs are paid within our quoted price. KLOS guitars (not the ukuleles) have detachable necks (Video) which are easily disassembled via the KLOS proprietary neck block where four screws bolt the neck securely in place via metal inserts creating a secure joint that allows the neck to sit in its place identically every time that it is taken apart and put back together. KLOS instruments are durable, lightweight, temperature resistant and they play great and their carbon fiber one-piece body makes them very strong. Don’t worry about leaving your KLOS in the car, it can handle the heat no problem and your KLOS won’t change throughout the seasons. Take a look at How KLOS Started and these videos about KLOS Travel Guitars ….. KLOS Full Size Guitars ….. KLOS Ukuleles. There are also some cool fun videos like Car Vs KLOS ….. Hammer vs KLOS ….. Golfing with KLOS ….. Baseball with KLOS ….. Tennis with KLOS. Find out more about KLOS by calling Promenade Music on 01524 410202 or email us at [email protected]

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