Krivo pickups are critically acclaimed boutique pickups that are personally handmade by Jason Krivo Flores in Portland, Oregon USA. Since 2005, Jason has become one of the World’s most respected makers of artisan-quality pickups for acoustic instruments specialising in making the best-sounding acoustic magnetic pickups. Every Krivo Pickup is personally handmade and tested by Jason, and when you purchase one of his pickups, you are supporting his small family business who’s pickups have been praised by Just Jazz Guitar Magazine (May, 2014), Acoustic Guitar Magazine (April, 2016) and mentioned in the ‘Building a Selmer-Maccaferri Guitar’ book by Michael Collins. Krivo pickups are used by many world-class players including Robin Nolan, Paul Mehling, Tim Lerch and Todd Taylor to name but a few. Krivo’s pickup range includes the Bass (for upright basses) … Micro-Manouche (Humbucking Pickup for Gypsy Jazz and Jazz Guitars) … Djangobucker (Humbucker for Petit Bouche Oval Hole Gypsy Jazz) … Nuevo (single coil for Gypsy Jazz, Archtops and Resos) … Resophonic (for Resophonic guitars) … Micro Stealth (Humbucker for Archtops) and Universal (Mini Humbucker for virtually any stringed instrument). UK Krivo prices include all shipping costs (workshop to customer) courier admin fees, UK import duty and VAT.

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