Marshall 2245 (JTM45) 30W Guitar Head


The JTM45 was the original Marshall Amp!

30w, Single Channel Valve Guitar Head

  • 30w Valve Head
  • Single Channel
  • 3 Band EQ
  • 14.6 Kg
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When Jim Marshall first started manufacturing Marshall amps, back in 1962, the first amp out of the workshop was the JTM45. This amp instantly became a hit and launched a whole new generation of amazing guitar players. Since then, connoisseurs of tone have searched high and low for original examples of this beautiful amp. Now they need search no more, we have re-issued the JTM45 complete with its full quota of glassy clean tone and fluid warm sustain. By including GZ34 valve rectification, as found in the original, we have ensured a faithful recreation of the JTM45s glorious sound. The GZ34 rectifier valve interacts with the rest of the valves causing subtle harmonics to shift and smoulder beneath every note you play.

JTM45 2245

Let’s go back to the beginning. In 1962, in a small shop in Hanwell, Jim Marshall created and began selling the first Marshall amp, a JTM45TM. From this the Marshall sound was born. This reissue meticulously replicates this original Marshall sound. Using the GZ34 valve rectifier, it works with the ECC83 and 5881 valves to generate the harmonic and unmistakable Marshall tone.

Opt for loud

Don’t underestimate this 30w amp, it definitely packs a punch.

Vintage tones

This reissue painstakingly reproduces that legendary, warm and creamy tone of Marshall.

Mix the tones

Using the four loudness inputs and two loudness options you can mix your sound together to generate a loud blend of crunch and clean.

Add in FX

The clean and warm tones of a first Marshall can marry well with an array of FX pedals.

Change the EQ

Normal and high treble settings add to the standard three band EQ and provide you with that extra creativity with your sound.

Technical Specification

JTM45 2245
Vintage reissue
2 (Split)
Output wattage
2 x 1/4″ jack speaker outputs, selectable 16Ω/ 8Ω / 4Ω load
4 (2 x high, 2 x low) “Lead and Bass”
Presence, bass, middle, treble, high treble/loudness I, normal/loudness II
Effects loop
Preamp valves
2 x ECC83, 1 x ECC83 (phase splitter)
Power amp valves
2 x 5881
1 x GZ34
Detachable power cable included, speaker cable included
Dust cover
M-COVR-00013 (sold separately)
Dimensions (including feet and handle)
14.6 kg / 32 lbs
665 mm / 26.2″
265 mm / 10.4″
205 mm / 8.1″

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