Marshall DSL1CR Guitar Combo Amp (1W Valve, 1×8″)


Small but powerful Valve Combo with Reverb

Ideal for home use and to record with.

  • 1 Watt
  • 1 x 8" Speaker
  • 2 Channels
  • 3 Band EQ
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Marshall DSL1CR 1W 1×8 Valve Combo with Reverb

Portable Valve Tone

The Marshall DSL1CR 1w Valve Combo may be small but it still packs in a wide range of features and the real response and feel of valves.


Dual Channels

The DSL1CR's 2 channels give access to both clean and overdriven sounds. The channels share a 3-band EQ to fully sculpt your tone (unlike many other 'practice' amps) and run through a reverb, giving you a natural ambient sound without needing to use a separate reverb pedal.


Adjustable Volume Levels

The DSL1CR has only 1 watt of power, but when that power is provided by real valves it can be surprisingly loud. The DSL1CR has an adjustable power output meaning you can get the same great valve sound at an even lower volume; ideal for quiet practice at home. The power is focused through a Celestion Eight-15 speaker that provides optimum performance and maximum output level.

Softube Emulation

Marshall's partnership with software developers Softube has led to the DSL range being equipped with Softube emulation technology. This gives you a direct connection to the amplifier, which sends out the sound of a professionally mic'd Marshall 1960 cabinet. This signal can be used to send your tone directly to a mixing desk for a no-fuss and consistently great sound to use at a gig. The Softube output also makes recording a simple-task, when you can be guaranteed of a fantastic cabinet sound without having to worry about microphone placement and room acoustics.

The DSL 1W has a silent recording mode, that disables the speaker connection and means you can get a quality Softube emulated sound directly through headphones or into an external device. These two features make the DSL1 the ideal amplifier for both practice, studio use, and for home silent recording. In all 3 applications, the DSL will deliver a quality Marshall valve tone, inspiring you to make music.



    Real valve tone
    1 watt output with adjustable power levels
    Portable chassis with Celestion Eight-15 speaker
    Silent recording mode that disengages the speaker output
    Softube direct output with the emulation of a professionally mic'd Marshall 1960 cabinet
    Two channels with shared 3-band EQ


    Type: Valve Combo
    Power: 1 Watt
    Speaker: Celestion Eight-15
    Controls: Classic Gain: Volume, Ultra Gain: Gain/Volume, Tone Shift, Treble, Middle, Bass, Reverb
    Direct Out: Softube emulated