Meinl WCP100MH Woodcraft Professional Series String Cajon

Internal fixed metal strings add a crisp sensitive snare effect

Delivers well-defined snare and bass sounds.

  • Baltic Birch Construction
  • Custom Coiled Cajon Strings
  • Rounded Corners for Comfort
  • Rear Sound Port
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Meinl are a German company known for their cymbals and assorted percussion, including an excellent range of cajons.

Cajons originally came from Peru but then spread to South America, especially popular in Cuban music and subsequently all over the world. A cajon is a wooden box that is played by sitting on it and using your hands or sometimes brushes to hit it. A series of metal wires – very much like those found on a traditional snare drum add a snare like sound to add the the wooden box’s more bass drum-like sound.

They are often used in Western music to accompany singer-songwriters when percussion is required, but a drumkit is overkill.


Custom micro-coiled steel cajon strings
Baltic birch construction
Rounded corners for added comfort

Built from Baltic birch wood and outfitted with specially wound metal strings that span the inside of the playing surface, MEINL Woodcraft Professional cajons deliver well-defined snare and bass sounds.

The birch construction with 12mm thick body allows players to dig in with plenty of attack and a warm tone.

Internal fixed metal strings add a crisp and sensitive snare effect that makes it easy to produce deep back beats and articulate finger rolls.

The elegant mahogany and makah-burl frontplate finish options add striking aesthetics as well.

Rounded corners on the playing surface offer total comfort while maximizing your touch.

Custom micro-coiled steel cajon strings
Baltic birch construction
Rounded corners for added comfort
Rubber feet and rear sound port
Custom micro-coiled steel cajon strings

Baltic Birch (Betula-Pendula)

Due to the clear sound projection, this cajon is perfectly made for live or studio use. The adjustable micro-coiled steel strings enable crisp snare sounds, which are great for any style of music.

Thanks to the four silicone feet, there’s no unintended vibration but protection on all surfaces. It includes two hex screws to adjust string tension. The textured composite body has a brilliant anti-slip effect.

You will be amazed by the great snare sounds and the way to tension the strings inside of your cajon. It’s such a comfortable way to play on the textured sitting surface.