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Northwood Acoustic Guitars In Stock At Promenade Music

New Northwood Acoustic Guitar Stock In Now!New Northwood Acoustic Guitar Stock In Now!
Promenade Music receive latest shipment of handmade acoustic guitars by Northwood.

It is nearly 3 years since Promenade Music became the main dealers in the UK for Northwood guitars, the handmade Canadian guitars. Everyone who has laid eyes on them, (let alone picked one up and played it!) has been amazed by the quality: expert craftsmanship, the absolute best choice of wood, perfect timbre and the fact that they are just so playable!

They are handmade by one man, John McQuarrie, who learnt his trade as the apprentice of Jean Larrivée, one of the most respected luthiers in the world.  Each guitar also comes with it's own special hard flight case.
As well as the sheer beauty of the sound of these guitars, they look amazing too!
We have just had a fresh shipment in (John can only make a small amount per year!), including an R70D, R80D, M70 MJ, R70 MJ,R80 MJV, R70 OM, R70 OMV, FM80 D and R80 1400. These range from thin-bodied cutaway designs to dreadnoughts to mini-jumbos. Come along and try them out for yourselves!
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