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Nukulele Beer Bottle Ukulele’s Now In Stock














Promenade Music are delighted to be one of the first retailers in the World to supply the new ukuleles everyone's talking about – Nukulele. These ukes look like beer bottles, but are actually made out of wood. They make an ideal gift for beer-loving uke enthusiast or the uke-loving beer enthusiast!

Nukulele is about bright ideas for the musician and they like to think they're injecting a bit if fun back into the music world 🙂 It all starts here for Nukulele with the uniquely shaped bottle shaped ukes which are a novelty but also a properly built musical instrument. All models created by Nukulele will be limited editions, new colours and labels will refresh the product offering as the years go by. All the labels are fictitious and any resemblance to any real beers is purely coincidental.

You can see our Nukulele stock HERE.