Roland SE02 – Analog Synthesizer Module Boutique Series


A collaborative effort from Roland and Studio Electronics

The debut product of the new Roland Boutique Designer Series

  • Analogue Circuitry
  • 3 VCOs, 6 Waveforms
  • MIDI, USB-MIDI, & USB-Audio
  • CV, VCF CV and gate inputs
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Vintage Sound. Unexpected Power.

A collaborative effort from Roland and Studio Electronics, the SE-02 is the debut product of the new Roland Boutique Designer Series. The SE-02 uses authentic discrete analog circuitry to create a synthesizer with a distinctly vintage sound and vast programming options. With an array of high-quality knobs and switches and a uniquely creative onboard sequencer, the SE-02 delivers massive tone and texture with expressive hands-on control.

  •     Discrete analog circuitry with knob-per-function interface
  •     Three voltage controlled oscillators with six waveforms
  •     Temperature-stabilized oscillators with automatic tuning
  •     24 dB low-pass filter and dual gain-stage amplifier
  •     Three types of cross modulation (XMOD), feedback loop, and noise generator
  •     Tempo-syncing LFO with nine waveforms
  •     Tempo-syncing digital delay with bypass to maintain analog signal path
  •     Save and recall sounds with 384 preset and 128 user locations
  •     Musical and intuitive pattern sequencer with song mode
  •     Sequence notes, gate time, glide, and synth parameters
  •     CV, VCF CV and gate inputs, plus trigger in/out
  •     External Input for routing audio through the SE-02’s filter section
  •     Standard MIDI, USB-MIDI, and USB-Audio
  •     Create a polyphonic synth by using Chain Mode to connect two or more SE-02s together via MIDI

 Beyond Typical Analog

    The SE-02's monophonic synthesizer engine features three voltage-controlled oscillators, a voltage-controlled 24 dB low-pass filter, and a dual gain-stage amplifier. The oscillators have six different kinds of waveforms with the warmth and complex character associated with true analog VCOs. What’s more, these VCOs are temperature stabilized with automatic tuning, so you get all the benefits and none of the downsides.

    The SE-02 is big and bold, with thick, rich lows and clear, vibrant highs—exactly what you think of when you imagine classic vintage synth tone. And while the SE-02 can create astonishingly great vintage sounds, it can do so much more. It has three types of cross modulation (XMOD), a ripping filter feedback loop, a tempo-syncing LFO with nine waveforms, envelope sweeping and inverting, oscillator sync, a noise generator, and a tempo-syncing delay.

    While it’s a compact “go-anywhere” device, the knobs, switches, and buttons are sturdy and plentiful, giving you a vast palette of sound-shaping capabilities at your fingertips. Everything is hands-on and knob-per-function, with deep control and a logical, intuitive layout. To get started, you can choose from 384 expertly programmed preset sounds that cover a wide range of classic and modern tones. Tweak and modify these sounds or create something completely new, storing your own custom creations in the 128 available user locations.


A More Musical Sequencer

    The SE-02 includes a powerful 16-step sequencer to add motion and dimension to your sounds. It can sync to external tempo via MIDI, USB, or trigger input, and per-step gate time, adjustable glide, tempo, and patch number are stored with each sequence. Creative performance features allow you to set shuffle, scale, direction, and first/last steps on the fly. Even synth parameters can be automated by sequencing changes—just press a step and move a control. And despite the SE-02s compact size, the sequencer is fun and intuitive, lending itself to both studio and live usage. You can store 128 sequence patterns and construct 16 songs, each with up to 16 parts.

Modern Flexibility

    The SE-02 is built solidly with a rugged metal top and quality knobs and switches. And despite having a control for just about everything, it’s small enough to take just about anywhere. Due to its Roland Boutique format, it fits in our K-25m or DK-01 accessory docks, so you can add an integrated 25-key mini keyboard or have various tilt options for easy access in a variety of live and studio situations.

    The SE-02 also features convenient 1/8-inch stereo jacks that reduce cable clutter, plus full-sized, standard MIDI jacks for connecting any kind of keyboard you want or controlling the SE-02 remotely. And as with other Roland Boutique synths, Chain Mode lets you increase the polyphony by connecting two or more SE-02 units together via MIDI.

    There are CV inputs for both pitch and filter frequency, as well as trigger in and out, so the SE-02 works great with modular setups and other vintage gear. You can route external audio signals through the filter section, and there’s even USB audio and MIDI capabilities to seamlessly integrate with computer-based setups.

About Studio Electronics

    Studio Electronics is a leader in excellence and ingenuity in analog synthesizer design since 1988. Makers of the revered MidiMini, SE-1, ATC-1, Omega 8, CODE 8, Boomstar, and Tonestar, Studio Electronics produces premium-quality musical instruments, hand-built in the USA.



    1 voice
Preset Patch
    384 (128 x 3 BANK)
User Memory
    Patch: 128
    Pattern: 128
    Song: 16
    OSC 1, OSC 2, OSC 3 (OSC 3 is also available as LFO)
    Waveform: Triangle, Sawtooth, Triangle + Sawtooth (OSC 1, 2 only), Reverse sawtooth (OSC 3 only), Square 1–3
    Common section
    VALUE knob
    Tempo LED
    MODE select switch
    FUNCTION select buttons
    1–16 buttons
    MANUAL button

    CONTROL section
    GLIDE knob
    TYPE switch
    WHL MIX knob

    OSCILLATORS section
    [VCO 1]
    RANGE knob
    TUNE knob
    WAVEFORM knob

    [VCO 2]
    RANGE knob
    FINE knob
    WAVEFORM knob

    [VCO 3]
    RANGE knob
    FINE knob
    WAVEFORM knob
    SYNC switch
    ENV1 knob
    KYBD switch
    XMOD TO MW switch

    XMOD section
    O2-FILTER knob
    O3-O2 knob
    O3-PW1, 2 knob

    MIXER section
    OSC1 knob
    OSC2 knob
    OSC3 knob
    FEEDBACK knob
    NOISE knob

    CUTOFF knob
    EMPHASIS knob
    KEY TRACK 1/3, 2/3 switch
    CONTOUR knob
    MTRIG switch
    NORM/INVERT switch

    ATTACK knob
    DECAY knob
    SUSTAIN knob

    ATTACK knob
    DECAY knob
    SUSTAIN knob
    REL switch
    LFO/GATE switch
    Gate LED

    LFO section
    RATE knob
    OSC knob
    WAVE knob
    FILTER knob
    MWHL switch
    MODE switch
    SYNC switch

    DELAY section
    TIME knob
    REGEN knob
    AMOUNT knob
    PHONES jack: Stereo miniature phone type
    OUTPUT jack: Stereo miniature phone type
    EXT INPUT jack: Miniature phone type
    VCF CV INPUT jack: Miniature phone type
    CV INPUT jack: Miniature phone type
    GATE INPUT jack: Miniature phone type
    TRIGGER IN jack: Miniature phone type
    TRIGGER OUT jack: Miniature phone type
    MIDI connectors (IN, OUT)
    USB port: Micro B type (Audio, MIDI)
Power Supply
    AC adaptor (PSB-1U)
Current Draw
    2 A
    Owner's Manual
    AC adaptor
    Power cord
Options (sold separately)
    Keyboard Unit: K-25m
    Boutique Dock: DK-01
Size and Weight
    300 mm
    11-13/16 inches
    128 mm
    5-1/16 inches
    46 mm
    1-13/16 inches
Weight (excluding AC adaptor)
    950 g
    2 lbs 2 oz

As of May 2018, Roland have made some updates available for free, see the video below for more details: