Scarlatti D/G Nero 2-Row Diatonic Melodeon Inc Czech Durall Reeds & Bag GR42005


Czech Durall Reeds, Italian Styling, Good Size Buttons

Suited to English Folk Music. Great beginners melodeon with fast quiet keyboard and bass coupler to remove the thirds.

  • 21 Treble Buttons
  • 8 Bass Buttons
  • 2 Voice
  • Bass Coupler
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GR42005: Scarlatti Nero D/G, Melodeon

2 voice, black finish, fast quiet keyboard, Italian styling. Made in China



    Product Features

  • Fast quiet keyboard, Italian styling
  • With bass coupler to remove the thirds
  • 21 treble buttons and 8 bass buttons
    Product Specifications

  • Great beginners melodeon with good size buttons. Czech durall reeds
  • Made in: China

About Scarlatti Accordions

Scarlatti Accordions, Melodeons and Concertinas are made in China. They have good reeds, and the instruments are excellent value, although they are not finished to the standards of European makers. The Scarlatti range is ideal for beginners, and they are priced very attractively to enable you to take a chance and see if the instrument is for you. Although they are a beginner's instrument, they are of a much higher quality than the Chinese Accordions, melodeons and concertinas of the past, and will keep you going for some time!

Choosing your Melodeon
Firstly you need to know what style of music you will mainly want to play – the most popular styles are given below, and each calls for a different tuning. Apart from the style you prefer, you should consider what key your friends use, so you can join in and learn from them, and the pitch of your voice. We would always recommend you to start on a two row.

D/G is suited to English folk Music.
B/C is for Irish music (players use both rows in order to play mainly in D or G, but the instrument is almost chromatic).
In France, and most parts of North and South America G/C is preferred
In Germany C/F is the standard