Stentor 1/2 Student 2 Violin Outfit with Bow, Case & Rosin (1500E)

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Our Recommended Model For Students To Learn On

Priced As Outfit With Case, Bow & Rosin

  • Solid Carved Spruce Top
  • Solid Maple Back & Sides
  • Ebony Fittings
  • Wood Bow With Ebony Frog
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Stentor violins are the main teaching instruments in   Britain’s   schools.   All   instruments   are   hand carved  from  solid  tonewoods  with  good  quality pegs   and   fingerboards.   Stentor   is   the   only independent company with a wholly owned violin factory  workshop  in  China.  As  a  result,  Stentor instruments  have  the  essential  characteristics  of good tonal quality plus consistent quality control. The Stentor factory workshop is located in Jiangsu province, north of the Yangtze river and about 300 km north west of Shanghai.

Stentor Music Co. Ltd sells more violins than any other  company  worldwide  and  offers  unequalled value.

Stentor  has  been  known  to  orchestral  stringed instrument players and teachers for more than 100 years.   According   to   Greek   mythology,   Stentor was  a  herald  with  the  voice  and  volume  of  “one hundred other men together”. Edward C. Doughty, a  Professor  of  Music  and  teacher  of  the  violin, registered   the   name   ‘Stentor’   in   1895   for   gut violin strings and rosin. Since   the   1960s,   more   than   500,000   young musicians have begun their musical careers with a Stentor instrument. Many of these same violinists and   cellists   are   now   to   be   found   in   major orchestras and the teaching profession of today.

The Stentor  Student  II  is now recommended by many education advisors as the optimum teaching instrument. The violin itself is of high quality, hand made in Stentor’s unique workshop environment. Pegs, nut and saddle are ebony and the violin is fitted with good quality strings and metal tailpiece with integral adjusters. This violin has a solid ebony fingerboard which can be correctly shaped and profiled to maintain stability. The outfit is completed by a case with integral cover and carrying straps plus a good quality wood bow with ebony frog. Teachers in the UK and Europe, including members of the European String Teachers Association have acclaimed this outfit with great enthusiasm.


  • Solid, carved, spruce table
  • Solid, carved, maple back and ribs
  • Solid, carved, maple neck
  • Individual hand shaping and finishing
  • Traditional inlaid purfling
  • Correct neck angle
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Correctly fitted ebony top nut
  • Correctly reamed peg hole taper


  • Good quality bridge
  • Alloy tailpiece with integral adjusters
  • Adjustable nylon tailgut
  • Ebony pegs
  • Teka pattern hardwood chin rest
  • Rope core strings


  • Strong wood bow with ebony frog
  • Natural white horsehair
  • Good quality screw, eye and ferrule
  • Traditional wedge fitting for hair


  • Lightweight  case  with  burgundy  red  integral cover.
  • Fitted interior with accessory pocket and two bow holders
  • Carrying straps
  • Soft velvet type lining
  • Music pocket covering whole lid
  • External shoulder rest pocket
  • Case blanket or bag included

Available In Either 4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 Size, Priced As Outfit With Case, Bow & Rosin