Trevor James Alphasax 2 Alto Sax Outfit with Lightweight Back-Pack Case (371A2)


MIA 2014 Award Winner - Best Woodwind & Brass Instrument

33% lighter than the average traditional alto saxophone

  • For Young Players
  • Two Octave Range
  • Weighs Only 1.86k
  • Only 3.34kg In Case
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Product Information

This the latest (2023 v2) TJ Alpha Sax which is based around the original body tube of the award winning Trevor James Horn Alto Saxophone with completely re-designed mechanism and tone hole positioning. This ensures that TJ met the desire that the instrument looked and played like a normal alto sax.

The Alpha sax is in the key of Eb, with a full two octave chromatic facility using established finger positioning to enable the smaller player to learn the alto saxophone using current study books. New and innovative mechanism has enabled TJ to maintain the finger positioning of a normal saxophone.

2023 v2 Model Improvements:

  • Improved ergomomics on the low Eb/C keys (with rollers) for enhance playability and prep for a fully keyed instrument
  • New finger pearls for improved feel
  • Added regulation screws to make right hand mechanism adjustment easier for ongoing repair maintenance
  • New engraving on key guards and bell
  • Improved ergonomics on G# and low C# touchpieces
  • Stronger neck receiving and crook retaining screw

Alpha Sax Simplified Key & Mechanism Details:

  • The left hand palm keys for top D#, E and F have been removed
  • The top D key has been adjusted to suit small hands
  • The low B & Bb keys have been removed
  • The G# and C# keys are easier to reach for smaller hands
  • The right hand side F# and C keys have been removed
  • The redesigned low D# and C keys are now easier to reach
  • Fully chromatic range from low C to high D
  • Bb bis and side Bb keys are retained

Please Note: If you are used to a fully keyed sax (for example one of our rental Yamaha Alto Saxes) this will not be suitable for you to continue learning on due to the keywork.

  • Reduction of 33% in weight compared to standard Alto Sax
  • In the Key of Eb with two full octave chromatic range using established finger positions
  • Supplied with mouthpiece, cleaner and lightweight (1.48kg) case with backpack straps
  • Saxophone Weight: 1.86kg
  • Latest v2 model (2023 onwards changes)