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Vox Amplification

Vox are one of the legendary British guitar amplifier companies. The first Vox guitar amp appeared in 1957, and by the early 60's, Vox was the guitar amp of choice. Vox was used by the Shadows, then the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and then many more followed suit. They also came up with one of the first wah pedals, and other pioneering effects pedals such as the Vox Tonebender. Today, Vox continues to make re-issues of it's classic amps, as well new models, Joe Satriani Effects pedals, the classic wah pedals and more.

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Vox Amphones Lead

Vox Amphones Lead
  • Headphones
  • With Built-In AmPlugs
  • Plug in and play!
  • Vox Amps + Audio Technica
Check Stock On 01524 410202
VOX amPlug Series palm-sized headphone guitar amplifier

Vox Dealer

Vox Dealer
  • Vox Products
  • For Enquiries Please Call
  • 01524 410202
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For enquiries about Vox products, call us on 01524 410202
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Vox AC30C2 Updated Classic Guitar Amp Combo (30W Valve, 2x12")

Vox AC30C2 Updated Classic Guitar Amp Combo (30W Valve, 2x12")
  • 30 Watts
  • 2 x 12"
  • Celestion G12M Greenback
  • 2 Channels
Out of Stock - 01524 410202
Based on the classic AC30 design
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Vox AC10 C1

Vox AC10 C1
  • 10-Watts of valve power
  • Gain and Volume controls
  • Bass & Treble tone control
  • Studio quality reverb
Out of Stock - 01524 410202
A modern take on this classic design.
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