Wolfram Precision: Crystal² Pro Designed for Guitarists (Crystal 2 Pro)


Developed by guitarists, for guitarists

The ultimate nail file.

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Your nails are a crucial part of the interface with your guitar.
Long or short, the shape, finish and condition of your nails define the tone you get from your instrument.

So many players chase tone while ignoring these vital assets; those who do take care of ther nails often use a bewildering array of clippers, files, sandpaper and buffers to get the results they need.

Precision : Crystal² is the only nail file developed by guitarists, for guitarists.
Building on the success of our much-loved original Precision : Crystal, we developed Precision : Crystal² as the ultimate nail file – a single tool to shorten, shape and finish your nails to achieve and perfect your unique tone, quickly and consistently.

Etched into the highest-quality, hardened lead-free Bohemia crystal, our unique, perfectly even filing surface is calibrated to leave a finish perfect for great fingerstyle guitar tone – no need for further buffing or polishing.

Unlike other files with a sharp abrasive which tears at nails, causing chipping, tearing and cracking, our fine, etched surface turns nails safely and smoothly to dust, helping to keep them strong, healthy and in top condition.

You can use a Wolfram file freely in either direction across the nail (most files will damage the edge of the nail if unless used towards the centre) leaving you to focus on shaping.

Join the many professional guitarists all over the world who trust their nails – and their tone – to Wolfram Precision : Crystal.

“Superb, you’ve changed my life. The BEST tone from my nails ever. It’s that good!”

Amrit Sond, avant-garde visionary and Grammy Award-winning guitarist