Yamaha YM4600A 4.3 Octave Marimba


Complete With Height Adjustable Frame

Has 4.3 Octaves (Range A – C4), Honduran Rosewood Bars, Bar Sizes 41-65mm Wide x 20-24mm Thick, Gas Spring Height Adjustment 86-101cm,

  • 4.3 Octave
  • Rosewood Note Bars
  • Range A25-C76
  • Bar Sizes 65-41mm
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YM 4600A incorporates all the lessons we have learned from the greatest players in perfecting our YM 6000 Concert Grand Marimba. Featuring the finest in traditional craftsmanship and the very latest in materials technology, all give you a rich, glowing tone and perfect intornation.



Dimensions Width 219cm
Height 86-101cm
Depth 91cm
Weight Weight 68kg

Design/Architecture Detail

Caster Type φ100mm
Bars Thickness 24-20mm
Width 65-41mm
Material Honduran rosewood
Adjustment Height Adjustment Gas spring support system


Tone Generation Range 4 1/3 octaves
Pitch A442Hz (23℃)