Yamaha YX500F Xylophone



3 1/2 F1 to C5, Acoustalon (FRP), Brown Urethane Finish, bar sizes 38mm wide 23mm thick, height adjustable 83-95cm

  • 3.5 Octaves
  • Acoustalon Bars
  • Range F1-C5
  • Bar Size 38mm
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The new YX500F is our latest concert xylophone featuring acoustalon bars. 500 Series xylophones come with two-position resonator slots and feature new bar sizes for consistent tone quality throughout the range. With a gas shock height adjustment frame allowing easy, effortless adjustment by the player, the YX500F offers a full, authentic wood sound with a foldable frame for transport and easy set up.





Dimensions Width 137.5cm
Height 80-95cm
Depth 75cm
Weight Weight 38kg

Design/Architecture Detail

Caster Material Steel
Bars Thickness 23mm
Width 38.1mm
Material Acoustalon (FRP), Brown Urethane Finish


Tone Generation Range 3 1/2 octaves
Pitch A442Hz