Beverley UW1 Multi-purpose Unwound Mallets with Rattan Handles (Bright Tone)


UK Made Multi-purpose Mallets for Various Instruments

Handmade professional quality mallets made in the UK.

  • Tone: Bright
  • Weight: 25 Grams
  • Length: 36cm
  • Head: 28.58mm, 1 1/8”
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UW1 produces a bright and well rounded tone on many percussion instruments from a roto-tom to a xylophone.

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Beverley Mallets offer percussionists a range of handmade professional quality mallets that are made in the North of England (UK).

Our artisan mallet maker uses cutting edge technology along with the finest qualty materials including beautiful custom made specialist yarn; precision manufactured injection moulded mallet heads that are threaded and bonded with aerospace technology glues; hand selected strong, straight and smooth South East Asian Rattan and North America Maple, and a special light natural sealant to preserve the wood and give our handles the most natural feel.

We offer a range of tonal timbres and our Glock and Xylo mallets are available in either the standard 28.58mm (1 1/8") head, and a smaller 25mm (1") head that's ideal for playing instruments with smaller bars.

Call 01524 410202 or email [email protected] for more information.