Dorfler Master No.21A Violin Bow With 1a Pernambuco Octagonal Stick (5121A)


1a Pernambuco Octagonal Stick (Aged 30 Years)

Dorfler – The German Bowmaker Since 1940

  • Silver Lined Ebony Frog
  • 3-part Silver Ebony Button
  • Inlaid Eyes & Parisian Eye
  • Circa 60g, Silver Winding
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We love the Dorfler Bow company! It's a freindly family business; and Andreas, Roland and Tanja Dörfler continue the tradition of bow making in this wonderful award winning fourth generation business that is based in Bubenreuth (Germany). Established in 1940 by their ancestor Daniel Dörfler, the Dörfler family have manufactured bows based on the style of the French bow maker Tourte ever since. The family continue to be committed to perfection, extraordinarily high quality standards and artistic intuition; and the work of Egidius Dörfler [Daniel's son] has made the master workshop what it is today.

Dörfler Bows have a strong impact on the sound, purity, strength and beauty of the tone. Exceptional sound quality and a unique design are the trade mark of the Dörfler bows. Their high-quality and sonorous master bows are known and recognized all over the world. In 2013, Dörfler won two prestigious awards at an International Violin Making and Bow Making Competition [CIVMC]. Dörfler's master builder Günther Spätling received a gold medal and the international jury of experts commended on the handcraft work, quality and design of the bow. Professional string players all over the world enjoy playing a Dorfler bow which is a significant acclaim for this fabulous family company from Bubenreuth in Germany.

The old masters tell us that the bow is as important as the instrument, and Dörfler know this. Therefore, their in-depth knowledge focuses on making the perfect bow. From the head of the bow to the frog, you will experience the best quality of sound for it's price with a Dörfler bow. A beautiful design and rich sound are the trade mark of Dörfler bows. For beginners, advanced and professional players, Dörfler offers a large selection of individually suitable bows.

Dörfler is committed to sustainability of used resources. They are particularly dedicated to support reforestation projects of pernambuco trees (which come from northern and central-east Brazil). Since 2007, this rare type of tree is an internationally protected species and exporting pernambuco wood has been therefore a complicated task requiring detailed consideration. Dörfler is a member and supporter of the I.P.C.I. Organisation, which is committed to the sustainability and reforestation of this precious type of tree. Pernambo is a very slow-growing wood. Trees from reforestation projects are therefore unlikely to be available for bow making in the near future. Fortunately, Dörfler has in its reserve at least 30-year-old stocks of wood.

If you are looking for a bow, please consider Dorfler and support this wonderful family owned and run business. The pictures on this page are the people that make these beautiful bows.