New Kawai K200SL ATX4 Anytime 114cm Tall Upright Piano in Polished White with Chrome Fittings (can be played silently with headphones) Made in Indonesia

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In our opinion, the multi award-winnning Kawai ‘K Series’ upright piano range is the 'Best in Class'.

Kawai K200SL ATX Anytime upright pianos are available from Promenade Music in Morecambe. Please call 01524 410202 for more information.

  • Made in Kawai's Indonesian Piano Factory
  • ATX4 System (to play silently with headphones)
  • 114cm Tall Traditional Cabinet with Chrome Fittings
  • 100cm Wide Music Rack
  • Millennium III Action with ABS-Carbon Composites
  • 199mm Key-stick Length
  • Solid Spruce Tapered Soundboard
  • 1.32m² Soundboard has 10 Ribs and 1 Cut Off Bar
  • Key Surfaces: Acryl White Keys & Phenol Black Keys
  • Underfelted Hammers with Mahogany Cores
  • Maximum String Length of 1157mm
  • 4 Back Posts with 1 Frame Bolt
  • Soft-fall Key Cover Lid (no lock)
  • Single Wheel Brass Castors
  • 3 Pedals (L to R: soft, ATX on/off, damper)
  • Practice Muffler Felt is on a Lever
  • Under Keybed Tone Spreader
  • Size = H: 114cm - W: 149cm - D: 57cm - W: 208kg
  • Years of Warranty: 10 Parts / 5 Labour / 5 Electronics
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Promenade Music is proud to be a UK main dealer for the Kawai K200SL ATX4 Anytime Upright Piano which is a Traditional K200SL Acoustic Piano with factory fitted added digital technology so you can play silently with headphones. This piano has chrome fittings, but if you would prefer brass fittings, take a look at the Kawai K200 Range.

What is the difference between the Kawai K200SL Anytime model and the less expensive K15E Anytime model?
– K200SL Anytime has the Kawai ATX4 system fitted [K15E Anytime has the ATX3 system fitted]
– K200SL has chrome silver fittings [K15E has brass fittings]
– K200SL has a traditional style cabinet with front leg [K15E has a modern cabinet without a front leg]
– K200SL has a black satin finish [K15E is polished ebony black]
– K200SL is 114cm Tall [K15E is 110cm]
– K200SL has the ‘Millennium III Action’ with ABS-carbon composites [K15E has the ‘Ultra Responsive Action’ with composite materials]
– K200SL has a 199mm key-stick length [K15E is shorter]
– K200SL maximum string length is 1157mm [K15E is 1123mm]
– K200SL has a solid spruce tapered soundboard [K15E soundboard is solid but not tapered]
– K200SL soundboard size is 1.34m² [K15E is 1.31m²]
– K200SL has 10 soundboard ribs [K15E has 9]
– K200SL has underfelted hammers with mahogany cores [K15E has standard felt hammers with maple cores]
– K200SL has a slow-fall key-cover lid [K15E has a standard key-cover lid]
– K200SL has single wheel castors [K15E doesn’t have castors]
– K200SL has a 100cm wide music rack [K15E is 66cm]

This piano is part of the multi award winnning Kawai ‘K Series’ upright piano range which includes the K15E Range . E200 Studio Range . K200 Range . K200SL Range . E300 Studio Range . K300 Range . K300SL Range . K400 Range . K500 Range . K600 Range . K700 Range . K800AS Range.

Call Promenade Music on 01524 410202 or email [email protected] for more information.