Krivo Universal Mini Humbucker Pickup (Black) – For Most Stringed Instrument


Sounds Great On Virtually Any Stringed Instrument

The most versatile pickup in the Krivo range.

  • Handmade In The USA
  • Very Clean, Lots of Output
  • Removes In Seconds
  • 60Hz Noise Cancellation
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The Krivo Universal Mini-Humbucker Pickup sounds great on virtually any stringed instrument.

It's probably the most versatile pickup in the Krivo range as it's great for lots of guitars (archtop jazz guitars, slide guitars, banjo guitars, tenor guitars) as well as the likes of bouzouki, balalaika and more.

It's a very clean and flattering pickup with lots of output, and provides a warm sound with a very sweet and clear midrange.

The Universal Mini-Humbucker is a mere 1/4" thick: installs and removes in seconds, and requires no modification to your guitar. It's based on Krivo's critically-acclaimed Nuevo single-coil pickup but with the addition of a noise-cancelling second coil and ferrous back-plate which eliminates the 60Hz noise whilst beefing up the overal tone and output.

It's a fantastic pickup for nearly any style of music, sounding good on everything from jazz guitar to bluesy slide.

Krivo pickups are critically acclaimed, innovative boutique pickups that are personally handmade and tested by Jason Krivo Flores in Portland, Oregon USA.

His pickups have been praised in Just Jazz Guitar Magazine (May, 2014), Acoustic Guitar Magazine (April, 2016). 'Building a Selmer-Maccaferri Guitar' book (by Michael Collins); and they are used by many world-class players including Robin Nolan, Paul Mehling, Tim Lerch, Todd Taylor, to name but a few.

"We love Krivo Pickups because Jason doesn't compromise on quality in any way" says Promenade Music's David Wood. "Jason has become one of the World's most respected makers of artisan-quality handmade pickups and his business has been built on word-of-mouth. We absolutely love his pickups and are very proud to be selling them for him in the UK".

Reasons to buy a Krivo Pickup
– He uses the best quality components like AGW 44 magnet wire, genuine Switchcraft connectors and audiophile grade Mogami cable.
– He uses neodymium magnets and his proprietary Optimized Microphonics technique.
– Each design is painstakingly matched and designed to compliment its particular instrument.
– Because neodymium magnets are very strong, he is able to create very small and thin coils (great for fitting on guitars with low actions).
– They retain a high output and top-end clarity and give a very clean and tight bass response.
– They have a very natural acoustic tone.
– You can achieve a high volume before feedback.
– He does NOT “pot” his pickups (except for the Micro-Stealth PAF) in wax or epoxy like the makers of most mass-produced pickups.
– He allows a controlled degree of microphonics which allows the pickup to sense vibrations from the top and fingerboard of the instrument as well as from the strings.
– For a handmade pickup, they're sold at a great price.

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