M-Audio Hammer 88 Pro 88 Key USB/Midi Controller

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M-Audio Hammer 88 Pro 88 Key USB/Midi Controller


Key Points
  • 88 graded hammer-action key
  • 1 Expression, 3 Footswitch
  • USB & 5-pin MIDI in/out
  • 16 velocity-sensitive pads


M-Audio Hammer 88 Pro 88 Key USB/Midi Controller


The Hammer 88 Pro is a versatile USB MIDI controller with 88-keys, auto-mapping and a range of smart control options. Perfect for both live performance, and as a reliable studio workhorse, this instrument is a well-rounded tool that's bound to enhance your creativity no-end! 


Key Features 

  • 88 graded hammer-action keys (boasting assignable zones and aftertouch. 
  • OLED display provides fast editing capabilities. 
  • Hook up external MIDI equipment thanks to a 5-pin MIDI input/output and USB-MIDI connectivity. 
  • 1 expression pedal input and 3 footswitch pedal inputs. 
  • Ergonomic modulation and pitch wheels. 
  • Arpeggiator featuring swing, gate, octave and type controls. 
  • Remove incorrect notes from your playing while in Smart Scale mode. 
  • Perform custom or enharmonic chord voicings using Smart Chord mode. 
  • Auto-map plugin settings and DAW controls via DAW and preset buttons. 
  • Take charge of DAW faders, plugins and virtual instrument with 9 assignable faders. 
  • Utilise 8 assignable buttons and knobs for precise control over mix plugins, DAW parameters and virtual instruments. 
  • Launch clips and craft beats on the 16 RGB assignable, backlit, velocity-sensitive pads (featuring note repeat). 

Accessories/Software Included

  • Music Rest 
  • MIDI Editor Software 
  • Pro Tools | First M-Audio Edition
  • MPC Beats
  • 9 MPC Beats Expansion Packs  
  • Ableton Live Lite 
  • 7 AIR Music Technology Virtual Instruments (Velvet, Hybrid, Mini Grand, Xpand!2, Boom, Vacuum, DB-33)

Here's What M-Audio say: 

Join the 88 Key Club

The M-Audio Hammer 88 Pro is a full-sized, 88-key, USB powered MIDI keyboard controller with graded hammer action that opens up a wide world of creativity! Taking feedback from users and artists alike, the new Hammer 88 Pro is equipped to be the ultimate studio and live performance tool. Add the Hammer 88 Pro’s natural piano feel to your arsenal and bring your music to the next level!

DAW Auto-Mapping & Performance Control

Thanks to the OLED screen that sits front and centre, it’s easier than ever to search for and test sounds, map controls, and mix & edit your sessions. Hammer 88 Pro can control any DAW and automatically map commonly used functions such as Transport, Faders, Pan controls and much more! Whether you use Pro Tools, MPC Beats, Cubase, Logic, Studio One or any other major DAW, just select the map and Auto-Mapping will take care of the rest! It also instantly maps to all the virtual instruments included in the Hammer 88 Pro software bundle (Hybrid, Velvet, Mini Grand, Xpand!2, Vacuum, Boom, and DB-33). These world-class AIR Music Tech plugins can be fully controlled by the Hammer 88 Pro and used in real-time as you create and mix your music.

Smart Controls

Hammer 88 Pro features M-Audio’s brand-new Smart Chord and Smart Scale technology. These functions open up your imagination and help blend your hardware seamlessly with your ideas across all 88 keys. Creating music on your computer has never been this intuitive and inspiring thanks to these workflow-centric features. With Smart Chord activated, pressing a single key or pad will play a full chord rather than just one note. The key or pad you press will determine the root note in the chord. The rest of the chord’s properties (major, minor, etc) are determined by the settings you choose. Smart Chord also has a Custom Mode that lets you determine the chord structure that will be assigned to each key by manually playing it. For example, if you select Custom Mode, and play a 1-b3-5-b7 chord, every key will then be assigned to play this chord structure. The note of the key you press will serve as the root of the chord and all of the parameters can be edited right on the Hammer 88 Pro!

Smart Scale technology allows you to set the key bed so that only notes in the selected scale are able to be played. This allows you to play within a chosen scale without the risk of playing any “wrong” notes. You can choose from 16 different scale variations when assigning a scale to the keyboard. Smart Scale is easy to activate and deactivate and allows you to set the scale parameters you need to keep you focused on creating.

Professional Controls

Built into the Hammer 88 Pro are features that are essential to creating modern pop, electronic, hip hop, and dance music. Note Repeat and the built-in Arpeggiator open up a world of precise music production and live sound techniques to make your music sound professional. 

Note Repeat allows you to hold down any of the custom-made M-Audio performance pads and hear a repeated rhythmic pattern at a selectable note division. The Note Repeat feature can be activated momentarily or can be used in Latch mode. If you choose Momentary, holding the Note Repeat button will make the note played by the pad automatically repeat. If you choose Latch, pressing any pad will cause its assigned note to repeat without you having to hold down the Note Repeat button. 

The built-in Arpeggiator will affect anything you are playing on the keys from any virtual instrument in your DAW. When the Arpeggiator is activated, the keyboard will repeatedly play the pressed keys in sequence. The arpeggiator’s timing and rhythm is based on the keyboard’s time division setting and either the keyboard’s or your DAW’s tempo setting. Each note in the arpeggio will be the length you’ve selected for the time division setting; for example, if you select 1/4, each note in the arpeggio will be a quarter note. This powerful tool can operate in Latch or Momentary mode, making it easy to match your style.

Next-Gen Piano Feel


Hammer 88 Pro’s best-in-class 88 graded hammer-action key bed combines professional, graded, weighted hammer action with advanced high-speed key bed scanning technology for an ultra-expressive playing experience. This custom key bed also features Assignable Aftertouch, giving users added expression and control. Assignable Aftertouch enables you to affect the sound of a virtual instrument plugin by continuously scanning how much pressure you apply to any key after initially pressing it. This makes creating the mood, dynamics and emotion you want to deliver in your music natural and fast.

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