Marshall DSL100HR 100W Valve Head with Reverb


Twin Channel

Includes footswitch

  • 100W Valve Head
  • With REVERB
  • Classic British Tone
  • Softube Emulation
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The versatile DSLTM series delivers legendary all valve Marshall tone suitable for all playing environments. From shimmering cleans to punchy distorted overdrives, the DSL allows you to easily flex the sound to your playing styles.

DSL offers a diverse range of features across the entire series including power reduction, studio quality reverb and two footswitchable channels. Combined this means that no matter your environment, you can really experiment and release your alter ego.

Play anywhere

From your bedroom, to the studio and the stage. With an emulated output and power reduction features you can play the DSL range in a variety of environments.


Stand out from the crowd

Bringing you to the front of the stage. The DSL series has one master volume for each channel means that you can create explosive solo moments.


Powerful Stage Tone

The Marshall DSL100HR is a 100 watt valve head driven by EL34 valves for that classic Marshall 'British' tone. This amp goes beyond most rock amplifiers, and has 4 available gain settings to choose from, instantly switchable via a footswitch. With the 100 watts of valve power and 4 channels, this amplifier is a powerful and versatile unit that would make a great amp for the stage, studio or rehearsal room. Power level control and an emulated output provide modern touches that make the DSL100HR even more versatile.

4 Gain Levels

The Marshall DSL Amp Head has two switchable channels with independent gain and volume levels. Each channel has two voices, meaning you have access to 4 gain modes and a huge variety of overdrive levels. This can create crystal clean sounds, vintage edge-of-breakup tones, crunch rhythm sounds, and full-on saturation for solos and rock/metal riffing. These 4 modes provide a great deal of versatility and makes the DSL100HR the ideal live performance amp, where you need every tone available at the click of a switch.

Sculpt Your Sound

The DSL100HR has a versatile 3-band EQ (improved for 2018) with independent presence and resonance controls to match your guitar tonality and room acoustics. The amp also has a reverb circuit with independent channel level control. The master volume is split into 2 levels that you can preset for a boost during solos.

These functions let you sculpt your tone and perform on stage with just your guitar and amp stand-alone. The reverb adds a lush ambience, the EQ shapes your sound, the 4 gain levels cover every overdrive tone, and the switchable volume levels give you a solo boost: besides a possible few choice effects pedals, there really isn't much more you need for live performance.

Varied Volume

Its set of EL34 valves drive provides players with an incredibly assertive tone, ensuring your guitar will be heard over your band. Should the volume level be too much, the high and low power settings let you optimise the output power. Marshall has developed this technology so that, rather than removing valves from the output (as is traditional in low-power modes), the DSL100 fully optimises and reduces the output to every valve. This means you're left with the same organic and natural valve tone, just at a reduced level.

Softube Emulation

Marshall's partnership with software developers Softube has led to the DSL range being equipped with Softube emulation technology. This gives you a direct connection to the amplifier, which sends out the sound of a professionally mic'd Marshall 1960 cabinet. This signal can be used to send your tone directly to a mixing desk for a no-fuss and consistently great sound to use at a gig. The Softube output also makes recording a simple-task, when you can be guaranteed of a fantastic cabinet sound without having to worry about microphone placement and room acoustics.


    100 watts of power created by EL34 valves
    Onboard Reverb with independent ultra and classic controls
    2 channels, each with 2 modes for a total of 4 switchable gain levels
    High and low power settings
    Dedicated presence and resonance controls
    3-band EQ enhanced for 2018
    Softube emulated output with the sound of a professionally mic'd Marshall 1960 cabinet


    Type: Valve Amp Head
    Power: 100 Watts
    Power Valves: EL34
        Classic Gain: Gain, Volume
        Ultra Gain: Gain, Volume
        Equalisation: Treble, Middle, Bass, Tone Shift, Presence, Resonance
        Reverb: Classic, Ultra
        Master: Master 1, Master 2, Master Select
    Direct Out: Softube emulated
    Connectivity: 5 x Loudspeaker Outputs, Emulated Out, 3.5mm Line/MP3 In Jack, 2 x FX Loop, MIDI In