Pickaso Classic Model Guitar Bow in Ruby Red with Rosin (The Original 16cm Length)


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The Pickaso Guitar Bow transforms any acoustic guitar into a bowed instrument.

  • Hair On Both Sides
  • Built In Guitar Pick
  • Ruby Red Model
  • No Batteries Required
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Take a look at the Introducing the Pickaso Guitar Bow Video … Here are more videos for the Pickaso Guitar Bow … Video 1Video 2Video 3Video 4Video 5Video 6.



Pickaso Guitar Bow
– The Pickaso Guitar Bow is a great new, innovative idea.
– It combines a pick and bow to create an exciting sound which will give you hours of fun.
– It gives the player a completely different approach to playing guitar and there are many different ways to use it, meaning there is always something new to learn.

Take a look at the Introducing the Pickaso Guitar Bow Video … Here are more videos for the Pickaso Guitar Bow … Video 1Video 2Video 3Video 4Video 5Video 6.

Pickaso Guitar Bow
– The Pickaso Guitar Bow is a great new, innovative idea.
– It combines a pick and bow to create an exciting sound which will give you hours of fun.
– It gives the player a completely different approach to playing guitar and there are many different ways to use it, meaning there is always something new to learn.

What is pickaso guitar bow?
– The Pickaso Guitar Bow is a specially designed bow for acoustic guitars which lets you produce the sounds of bowed string instruments on your guitar.
– You no longer need to use violin bows which severely limit your playing.
– From now on you can take our bow and play any string you like.
– You can play one or two strings at the same time!
– And even play while picking the guitar using our built in pick; you can play the guitar or the bow conveniently and easily on their own, and use both only when needed.

The Bow Is Made From The Best Materials Available
– Chrome-aluminum body for a great look, sturdiness and durability
– Comfortable and sturdy high-quality plastic handle with matte finishing
– Premium Bow Hair.
– We use hair made by the Herco Company, a Jim Dunlop subsidiary, which provides a quality alternative unlike the horsehair used on regular guitar bows, without harming any animals.
– Wood veneer for a warm rich look

It Is Innovatively Designed
– The first bow of its kind with hair on dual sides – for optimal functionality
– Ultrathin design for maximum playing comfort.
– Built-in guitar pick in the bow
– Aesthetic and elegant design
– Long lasting! The bow is made from durable, robust materials in order to provide you with a product that will last for years.
– All parts can be replaced if needed and you can replace any part of the bow on your own within minutes.

Offers Uncompromising Convenience
– No need to attach anything to the guitar
– No batteries required
– Pocket-sized guitar effect
– Easy-to-use
– Take it anywhere 

It's Now Easier Than Ever To Take Your Guitar Bow With You And Play Anywhere
– Play by yourself and enjoy many hours of fun and creative playing.
– Take the bow with you on a stage or street performance and mesmerize your audience.
– Jam with friends and you won't be able to stop.

It's time to let your creativity run wild.
Pickaso Guitar Bow – bringing new colors to your guitar.

Here's what Jonathan Shenhaz, the inventor of the Pickaso Guitar Bow has to say about it.

Pickaso Guitar Bow was born of a love of guitars and for strumming a guitar with a violin bow. For years I have been playing a guitar with a standard violin bow, inspired by legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, who in live shows would play the intro to Dazed and Confused with a violin bow.It was amazing; truly magical sounds. I fell in love with the idea and played around with it for a long time on an electric guitar, but my true love was the acoustic guitar. When I played it with the acoustic guitar the sound was so warm and rich, acoustic and natural, and I was immediately drawn to it.

The problem was that I couldn’t play the innermost strings, only all the strings at once or just one of the E strings. Very frustrating. I wanted more than that. After wandering the web for a long while I realized no product was right for me. I could either keep playing with a standard bow in such limited fashion, or come up with a device that would overcome this issue. As you now know, I chose the second option. I spent a lot of time thinking of a quality and efficient solution, not too clumsy, that can actually be used without fitting the guitar with additional equipment, and that can be taken anywhere. After dozens of attempts of all kinds, I came to the conclusion that the optimal solution would be to use the guitar’s soundhole as the picking area, using a small, compact bow that could fit beneath the strings. I contacted a violin maker and explained in detail how I wanted the bow to look, and together we created the first bow of its kind with dual side hair. 

Playing it was so fun and unique, and it opened up a whole new world of sounds and playing styles. I never thought a guitar could produce such sounds. I could finally play any of the strings I wanted, and even play two strings at once! I felt I was testing the limits of the guitar. It was amazing! This was actually the first prototype of the Pickaso Guitar Bow. When I played it for people, they were astounded. The more I played it to others, the more I realized that I must share this idea with the musical world and not keep it to myself. Who knows what kind of amazing music musicians could make with such a bow? 

So over the last 3 years experts in the four relevant fields – engineering, patents, guitars and violins – have been recruited to get this product up and running. We wanted a product that retains the principles of a bow and specifically adapts them to the guitar. After a number of prototypes and lots of sweat, we found success. A product which does not compromise on anything but the best materials available, with maximum functionality, amazing sound and which looks good, too.

Today, I’m proud to say the Pickaso Guitar Bow is ready to go. The vision I’ve had as a guitar player and entrepreneur was to bring a product with a new and refreshing vibe to the guitar, which would be fun to play alone, when accompanying vocals, in jam sessions or live gigs. A product that will release our creative side and provide us with many hours of joyous playing. A product that will enrich our setups and allow us to get more out of our guitar, easily and simply.I invite you play our bow and have fun letting your creative side run wild.

Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need special guitar strings?
A. No. You can use any acoustic guitar strings that at not coated. It doesn't work on coated stings like Elixir and coated D'Addario EXP etc.

Q. How easy is it to play with the bow?
A. Playing the bow is easy and you can produce a clean sound and understand how to use it within minutes.

Q.  How durable is Pickaso Guitar Bow?
A. Our bow was designed so that you can use it for years. We have used the best materials available so that the bow both looks great and lasts long. The handle of the bow is made from a sturdy quality plastic and the body from chrome coated aluminum. Additionally, every part of the bow can be replaced. So even if your bow is damaged, you could easily replace its parts on your own.

Q. What are the size and weight specs?
A. The bow weighs 26 g (less than an ounce). It is 16 cm long (about 6 inches) and 4.4 cm (less than 2 inches) wide at its widest.

Q. What is it made of?
A. Our bow uses a number of different materials. The head and pick are from a strong, quality plastic with matte finishing.The logo is from wood veneer. The body of the bow is made from a chrome coated aluminum, and the hair tightening mechanism parts are also made of aluminum.We use hair made for the Herco Corporation’s bass bows.

Q. Can the bow be used with other instruments?
A. The Pickaso Guitar Bow was designed and manufactured especially for acoustic guitars. At the same time, it can be used with any steel-stringed instrument with an opening/space in which the bow can be inserted between the strings. Note that, Nylon strings and Coated strings are not suitable.

Q. Do I need to know how to play the violin?
A. No need for any familiarity with the violin or other bow instruments. Our bow is customized for guitar players of any level.

Q. Does the bow contain horse hair?
A. No. We have avoided using animal products in our bow. We use synthetic hair made by Herco, a Jim Dunlop subsidiary. Quality hair that is actually sturdier and preferable to regular bow hair.

Q. Can the bow be used as a pick?
A. Yes! Our bow comes with a guitar pick, so that you can use the bow and immediately switch to using the pick.

Q. Can I play more than one string at once with the bow?
A. Yes. Our bow comes with hair on both sides, unlike a regular violin bow. So you can play two strings at once when the handle is angled slightly upwards, as detailed in the instruction manual. 

Q. Do I need rosin to use the bow?
A. Yes. Dedicated rosin is used on all types of bow instruments, as in ours. We provide a very high-quality rosin made by D'addarrio with any purchase of the Pickaso Guitar Bow. We use a light rosin which is easily wiped from the strings.

Q. Can I replace the hair on the bow?
A. Yes. The hair on the bow can be cheaply replaced using our hair replacement kit. We have designed the bow so the hair can be replaced if needed.Replacing the hair takes about five minutes and can be done on your own without any prior knowledge.

If you have any more questions about the product please call us on 01524 410202 and we will try our hardest to answer your questions

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