Yamaha YHR-668DII F/Bb Double French Horn with Detachable Bell in Clear Lacquer with Case & Mouthpiece (professional horn YHR668D mk2)


Kruspe-style Professional Model Double Horn with Detachable Bell

Yamaha make student, intermediate and professional brass instruments that have all been made using continuous R&D, cutting-edge technology, and highly skilled experienced craftsmanship.

  • Professional Series F/Bb Full Double Horn
  • Yellow-brass Body
  • Clear Lacquer Finish
  • 12mm Bore Size (0.472 inch)
  • Extra Large Detachable Bell
  • Extra-Large Bell Flare
  • Hammered & Annealed Bell
  • Conical Leadpipe & Bell System
  • 4 Hand-lapped Solid Rotary Valves
  • Nickel Silver Valve Casings
  • Tapered Valves (long lifespan without leakage)
  • Articulated Key Levers
  • String Lever Action
  • Adjustable Thumb Lever
  • Double Shank
  • Hand-lapped Slides
  • Cyclical Bore (perfectly cylindrical tubing)
  • HRC-668 Case & 30D4 Mouthpiece
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Promenade Music sells the Yamaha 668D F/Bb double horn which combines a beautiful rich tone and commanding presence of the great vintage ‘Kruspe’ style horns. It has a large throat that provides a full sound which is rich, warm and colourful with little resistance. It projects solos, blends with a horn section, and fills a concert hall in the right hands. The bore is made of perfectly cylindrical tubing assembly and in combination with a conical leadpipe and bell system, this horn plays with consistent air flow throughout it.

The bell is hammered and annealed [the process that’s important to the horns acoustic characteristic] and the hammering enables the bell to have a rich, resonant tone; and the annealing [cooling and heating process] results in a horn that is easier to control. The response is quick and easy, and the horn offers excellent control… even for those quietest passages.

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