Yamaha YTR8335 02 Xeno Bb Trumpet with Case & Mouthpiece


Bb Trumpet - Xeno Professional Model

Xeno Series, Heavyweight Model, 123mm Yellow Brass Bell, Bell, ML Bore: 11.65mm, Clear Lacquer Finish

  • Medium Large Bore .459"
  • Bell Diameter: 4 7/8"
  • Body Material: Yellow Brass
  • Clear Lacquer Finish
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Xeno (pronounced 'Zeno' ) trumpets are designed for those who want power and projection as well as a big warm sound. Developed from more than 30 years' research with leading artists throughout the world, Xeno trumpets incorporate their dreams, their experience, and their talents—as realized through the skills and ideas of some of the world’s best designers and craftspersons. Traditional hand-craftsmanship augmented by cutting edge manufacturing technology has created an extraordinary quality of unprecedented consistency. The Xeno' s heavyweight construction produces a solid tone core for a rich strong sound that won' t spread or break up no matter how hard you push it. It blows freely and comfortably, while still providing enough air resistance for quick response and superb tonal flexibility. And the hand-hammered one-piece bell gives an agile, quick response with a beautiful tone. Xeno Bb trumpets offer a choice of bore sizes; medium large for versatility, and large for a broad sound with plenty of power. Bell material options for Bb and C Xenos include; yellow brass – for clear sound with strong projection, and gold brass – for warmer, deeper sound.


Monel pistons

Monel pistons are resistant to corrosion and are an ideal choice for professional trumpet pistons which must retain precise fit and smooth action over many years.

Annealed bell

Yamaha employs special computer-controlled annealing equipment to ensure that the end result of this heating and cooling process is a consistently superior sound.

Hand-lapped pistons and slides

Hand-lapping pistons and slides ensures an absolutely perfect fit and seal between the pistons and casing or slide parts. Such a perfect fit helps to achieve smooth air flow and smooth action and improve the response and intonation of the instrument.

New mouthpiece receiver length

Enhances the responsiveness of the instrument.

New valve stems, buttons, and caps

Add to the feel of the horn as well as give the horn a sharper overall look.

Hand-hammered one-piece bell

A one-piece bell has an axial (lengthwise) seam, making it a continuous extension of the instrument's material. This results in pure, uniform resonance and superior tone. A hammered yellow brass bell produces a perfectly-balanced tone with quick response and extra presence due to advanced manufacturing.

Pressure-formed tubing

Perfectly rounded tubing results in less turbulence and a smoother air flow, thus allowing for an excellent scale and reduced resistance.

Laser-fused pluzuma-welded bell

A high-energy laser fuses the brass together for a virtually seamless bell which allows continuous even vibrations.

Double main tuning slide braces

The main tuning slide on the YTR-8335 has double braces which help the response and tonal color of the instrument.

Specially treated metal

Through research, Yamaha designers have developed a process for treating metal that enables the heavyweight trumpets to deliver more power, better control, and richer sound.

Leadpipe thickness

A thicker leadpipe helps the trumpet have a better tone and response.

Metal thickness

The heavyweight trumpets have heavier metal through the instrument than the standard weight trumpets. Thicker metal helps the trumpets deliver a darker tone that does not break up with volume.

Metal valve guides

Darkened sound and improved tonal projection are the result of metal valve guides.

One-piece drawn leadpipe

This type of leadpipe offers excellent intonation, response and proper resistance.

Available features

The YTR8335 is available with a gold brass bell ( YTR-8335G). Both models are available silver-plated (YTR-8335S, YTR-8335GS) or without case.


Included Accessories
TRC-606 TRC-606 trumpet case
YAC TR16C4-HGP Heavyweight trumpet mouthpiece with gold-plated rim and cup
YAC RVO Superior valve oil
Optional Accessories
YAC 1000P Valve oil
YAC 1000P Valve oil
YAC 1011P Slide grease
YAC 1016P Trumpet tuning slide oil
YAC 1061P Silver polish
YAC 1077P Vinyl-coated flexible cleaning rod; small
YAC 1083P Nylon valve casing brush
YAC 1084P Brass mouthpiece brush
YAC 1096P Treated silver polishing cloth; medium
YAC 1097P Treated silver polishing cloth; large
YAC 1099P Untreated polishing cloth; large
YAC 1100 Chamois-like polishing cloth
YAC 1500G Cornet lyre; gold lacquer
YAC 1500N Cornet lyre; nickel-plated
YAC 1666P Valve casing cleaning rod
YAC 1034 Trumpet maintenance kit
SB79C Trumpet Silent Brass system
PM-7 Silent Brass mute only


Level Custom Xeno Series
Key of Bb
Bore ML: 0.459"
Bell Diameter 4 7/8"
Leadpipe Gold Brass
Body Material Yellow Brass
Bell Material Yellow Brass; One-Piece
Weight Heavy
Key Buttons Mother of Pearl
Finish Gold Epoxy Lacquer (YTR-8335/G); Silver (YTR-8335S/GS)
Pistons/ Valves Monel; Two piece valve casings
Mouthpiece 16C4-HGP
Options YTR-8335G (Gold-brass bell), YTR-8335S (Silver-plated) & YTR-8335GS (Silver-plated with gold-brass bell)

Additional information

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